Why Rapid Ecology?

Science community blogs are often driving the conversation among ecologists, yet most of us do not have access to publishing in blogs. The visibility of a major blog shouldn’t be a resource limited to a small number of people. If you have something to say, and you’d like other ecologists to hear it, then Rapid Ecology is designed to be a megaphone for you.

Rapid Ecology is here for you — please contribute!

We invite posts written for a general audience that discuss ecology, or professional aspects of being an ecologist, from any student, scholar, or practitioner. A post doesn’t need to be profound, but it also should not be void of substance. Responses to, discussion of, rebuttals to, or amplification of published papers in journals are welcome. You can publish a monthly column if you wish, too.

For more information about submitting to Rapid Ecology, read our Submission Guidelines.

Comment policy

By default, individual posts do not have a section for comments, unless the author request otherwise. We want to provide a platform for fellow ecologists, but we don’t want to dilute that platform by allowing anybody to make a comment that will permanently reside alongside the original post. We suggest commenting in the weekly comment thread, or taking the conversation to twitter, tagging @rapidecology. If you have a lot to say about a post on Rapid Ecology, you are welcome to submit your own post.  Those comments will be moderated by the editors, using our discretion.

Banner art

The artist is Ainsley Seago. We think her work is spectacular, and feel free to commission some art from her too.