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Highly intelligent students, staff, and their bright children

This post is jointly written by a postdoc in ecology/evolution, and a PhD student in education sciences. Our backgrounds may be very different, but we share the interest in changing the learning culture at university, which currently leaves some of the brightest minds behind. To explain what we mean by that, we would like to take you on a personal journey about our own struggles and how they shaped our views on the higher education system.

Aggregating Asian demographic data hinders diversity initiatives

Why does being considered Asian or Asian American matter in STEM fields? How do these categorizations impact ecologists that identify as Asian or Asian American? In this post, we discuss our journeys as Asian American ecologists. Additionally, we present evidence and argue that disaggregating demographic data for Asian Americans is essential for increasing diversity in STEM fields, with specific regard to ecology.

Diverse ecosystems require diverse ecologists

As ecologists, we study biodiversity in ecosystems. Here, we look at diversity of ecologists themselves and make recommendations on how best to recruit and retain underrepresented groups. Entering ecology and other field sciences face additional challenges due to the privileged nature of outdoor careers. We believe outreach programs designed to engage underrepresented groups at a young age as well as initiatives to promote inclusive excellence during graduate school will help increase diversity of ecologists. Contribute to the discussion using #ecologist_diversity on Twitter!