The Team

The Managing Editor operates the site. The development of editorial guidelines, process design, and initial recruitment of submissions was a collaborative effort among the Associate Editors (listed alphabetically below). The site was conceived by Terry McGlynn, who is overseeing its long-term operation. Editorial Board members (listed below) are participating in the development of content. If you have questions or are interested in participating in the operation of the site, please direct inquiries to

Managing Editor

Luke Lamb-Wotton


Expertise: coastal wetlands, paleoecology, climate change

Luke Lamb is an ecosystem ecologist focused on the affects of sea-level rise on carbon dynamics in Florida Coastal Everglades marshes. He is currently a M.S. candidate at at Florida International University with his sights set on obtaining a Ph. D afterwards. Luke hopes to work at the interface of paleo and contemporary ecology during his academic career.

Associate Editors

Jeff Atkins

Jeff Atkins, Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia

Expertise: Biogeosciences, remote sensing, and ecosystem ecology

Atkins is an ecosystem ecologist with a remote sensing problem who works on structure-function relationships in forest ecosystems. He writes for PLOS Ecology and co-hosts the ecology and science podcast, Major Revisions.

Alissa J. Brown


Expertise: plant ecology, forest ecology, applied ecological statistics

Alissa is a PhD candidate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her dissertation focuses on mechanisms of tree species coexistence in temperate forests. Post-PhD, Alissa hopes to focus on changes in species distributions during climate warming events as well as broad-scale patterns of biodiversity.

Paul Caplat


Expertise: spatial ecology, global change

Paul is a spatial ecologist working on species’ response to global change at multiple scales. He uses different types of modelling and analytical approaches to link population biology, landscape ecology and macro-ecology, mostly in complex forest-farmland landscapes. Paul also LOVES trees.

Anna Carter


Expertise: ecological modeling (R, GIS), sex determination, thermal macroecology, unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Anna (A L) Carter uses remote sensing and spatially-explicit modelling to study the thermal ecology of [mostly] reptiles. Maintains a close friendship with R and tense mutual understanding with GRASS. Meh on pronouns. Follow at @NthChapter.

Graziella Iossa



Expertise: behavioural ecology, sperm competition, human and ecosystem health

Graziella Iossa is an evolutionary ecologist interested in behavioural and population ecology and is currently exploring interdisciplinary approaches to link ecosystem services and human health, in the context of antimicrobial resistance. She is an early career researcher at the University of Lincoln, UK.

Elisabeth Maxwell

Expertise: fisheries, marine policy, marine biology

Elisabeth is a recent graduate of the dual-degree masters program at the University of Maine where she studied both marine biology and marine policy. Her research interests include marine ecology, conservation, domestic and international fisheries, and science communication.

Terry McGlynn


Expertise: social insects, tropical biology, urban ecology

Terry McGlynn is a tropical ecologist, mostly working on the experimental natural history of ants in the tropics. He is a Professor of Biology at California State University Dominguez Hills and a Research Associate in the Entomology Department of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Julia Mlynarek

IMG_8699 copy

Expertise: entomology, evolutionary ecology, systematics

Julia Mlynarek is an evolutionary ecologist interested in species interactions (host-parasite, insect-plant & tri-trophic) and diversification of insects. She is a Research Scientist in Entomology currently focused on agro-ecosystems in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Elva Robinson


Expertise: behavioural ecology, social insects, collective decisions

Elva is a behavioural ecologist studying the social organisation of animal groups, using ants as her primary study system; approaches include field studies, behavioural experiments in the laboratory and computational modelling. She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of York, UK.

Casey TerHorst


Expertise: community ecology, evolutionary ecology, microbial ecology

Casey terHorst is an assistant professor at California State University, Northridge. He is a community ecologist and evolutionary biologist who is also focused on increasing diversity and inclusivity in STEM fields.

Ruth Schmidt


Expertise: Climate change, microbial engineering, plant-microbe interactions

Ruth Schmidt is a microbial ecologist interested in microbe-plant interactions and is currently working on finding ways to create climate change resilient microbial communities. She is a postdoc at the Institut Armand Frappier, University of Quebec in Canada.

Giulio Valentino Dalla Riva


Expertise: Evolution, network ecology, computational biology, data ethics

Giulio Valentino Dalla Riva is a mathematician using data science to explore networky and evolutionary stuff. Giulio is a Postdoc at the University of British Columbia’s Master of Data Science.

Editorial Board Members

Cory Barker

Meghan Barrett

Jeff Clements

Katherine Holmes

Elina Mäntylä

Audrey Mayer

Alison Munson

Sarah Nason

Laura Jurgens

Travis Ryan

Shalini Sharma

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Marko Spasojevic

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